Sagittarius Woman

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This woman is forever lacking tact and her in your face statements may lead the average man to run in the opposite direction. Having said that, she is easily capable of turning around with her equally charming nature and make you feel content again, ensnaring you into her easy charms. Once a man has fallen smitten with a Sagittarius woman, it is usually for a long time. She is a friendly, outspoken, and extremely talkative woman who usually brings more positivity into others’ lives then anything else.

This woman sees the world exactly how it is, no bullshit. There are times when you wish she wasn’t so honest but then that would make her like everyone else wouldn’t it? A Sagittarian is quite optimistic but not irrational. She will judges a situation according to facts, analyses the probable outcome while still choosing to believe that things will get better. This is usually a calm and composed woman however if you insult or offend her in anyway then the fire spitting dragon is sure to emerge.

These are quite independent women who love love love their freedom, don’t ever try and take this away from her. Although they are attached to their family, their family does not play as much of an important role as it would to say a Capricorn or Taurus female. This might be due to her carefree nature where she doesn’t like to be tied down to certain obligations. The only way to get something done with a Sagittarius female is to ask, NEVER order her around as she will refuse to do it just out of principle. With men, she sees herself as their better half and nothing less but doesn’t want a weak man for a partner either. This has to be a real man who will stand for his ego while still balancing politeness and firmness at the same time.

This may sound a little complicated to deliver but since when was wining easy? One good thing is that you will never have to guess with this girl. She says what’s on her mind and she acts in accordance to what she’s feeling at the time. This bluntness may cost her at times, even result in numerous failed relationships but she cannot be any other way.

The word ‘marriage’ tends to make a Sagittarian female quite nervous and she will need to be tempted into settling down with her man. This is a woman who is usually seen hanging with the boys rather than the girls so girlfriends are few and between. This also makes her quite a hard catch for men. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t burp or fart like a man, she is as much a lady as the other girl, but is generally more comfortable in the presence of guys rather than girls. Maybe her non bullshit attitude makes her unable to stand the drama that comes with women?

If you look deeply inside a Sagittarius female you will find an enthusiastic and trusting female. It is these two traits that tend to make this woman’s heart rather vulnerable and defenseless. She wears her heart on her sleeve resulting in a couple broken heartaches in her lifetime. Having said that, this woman is able to get back up on her two feet quicker than most. She hides it well, but this woman is quite sentimental and emotional inside. When it comes to expressing her feelings, she tends to become quite shy.

This girl cannot stand sloppiness and untidiness however doesn’t expect a master chef in the kitchen, (cooking is not one of her specialties). This girl usually uses sarcasm when angry so don’t be too offended or take it too personally as this will only confuse her later as to why you are angry with her.

Do not try change this woman or curb her individuality. Her optimism will brighten your life be it as a friend or partner, she is able to trust blindly, shower you with loyalty and devotion that should never be taken for granted. Not a lot of people are able to resist the charming Sagittarius female.


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