Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn and Aries love compatibility
This unlikely couple does not make such a hopeful combination. The Aries’ restless and impulsive personality opposes the self-righteous Capricorn. Money is another problem between these two. The modest spending habit of the Capricorn does not match well with Aries extravagant spending habits. Aries will take risks absent mindedly where the careful Capricorn would usually shudder at the thought. There are many personality conflicts between these two; the Capricorn typically likes to take lead which is likely to cause fiery arguments in the relationship as well as many other personality conflicts. Optimistic Aries will feel dampened by the naturally negative Capricorn attitude. When it comes to sex, Capricorn is more likely to prefer a standard position in the bedroom which the Aries can learn to overcome by taking initiative and control. If this duo does get together, strangely enough, a marriage is more likely to prevail rather than a fling.

Capricorn and Taurus love compatibility
Both partners have a mutual understanding of one another. They both like money and security so no money issues should prevail here. Taurus is able to get through the aloof Capricorn nature and give the encouragement and right response the Capricorn requires from their partner. They are both earthy and passionate by nature and sensual Taurus is able to bring out the romantic side of Capricorn that they keep so well hidden. Sex is quite an experience between these two, where every idea is explored without reserve. Taurus needs to be sensitive to Capricorns tension and should be able to discuss and communicate regularly with Capricorn in order to ease some of the burden felt on Capricorn. This combination is a very good match and can turn out to become quite a compatible marriage

Capricorn and Gemini love compatibility
These two both tend to have different sexual natures and their differences are probably what initially attracted the one to the other. Fun-loving Gemini tends to bring a sense of relief to the rather serious Capricorn. Overtime however, Gemini’s easy going and loving nature will oppose the dedicated and cautious Capricorn. Capricorn will have difficulty holding the reins on impulsive, playful, Gemini and will end up requiring a great deal of patience when dealing with what they view as their extravagant and careless partner. For a good sexual relationship to succeed between these two, Gemini will have to be able to distract Capricorns minds from their career as well as the problems that come along with it. There can be a very high initial sexual chemistry between these two, however the Gemini can grow to become bored of the Capricorn and this sexual connection will quickly die out more often then not.

Capricorn and Cancer love compatibility
This is usually said to be quite a good combination at the start but the Capricorn tends to not give Cancer enough attention that they so desperately need. The Capricorn is too preoccupied with other interest to fully dedicate themselves to their partner like the Cancer would like. They are both quite good at managing their money and so money issues will never be a major concern between these two. Cancer is satisfied with Capricorn’s loyalty and devotion to their partner, even when the passion seems to be lacking at times, as it is the stability and comfort that Cancers usually look for in relationships anyways. Having said that, there is no denying the strong sexual connection between these two where bedroom antics are not a problem, until Cancer grows bored of the practical and restrained Capricorn nature. This is not the best of matches in the Zodiacs, so a happily ever after ending, is quite uncommon.

Capricorn and Leo love compatibility
Ordered, organized Capricorn cannot understand or approve of Leo’s enthusiastic impulsiveness. Leo easily forgives and forgets where the Capricorn is usually one to not forget as easily. Although Leo acknowledges that the Capricorn is capable of loving whole heartedly, they find that the Capricorn is too conservative in showing their emotions. On top of that, the sexual compatibility between these two is quite bad. Passionate Capricorn finds the Leo a bad match because of their lack of imagination in the bedroom. These are also two very independent signs that are likely to want to dominate in all aspects of their everyday lives, which usually causes a clash in personality. This is two complete opposites whose initial differences can be overseen in a casual fling however, in the case of marriage; you’re looking at a most definite unhappy ending.

Capricorn and Virgo love compatibility
This combination is one of the best matches for the Capricorn. The neat and orderly nature of the Virgo goes well with the hardworking and self-disciplined Capricorn. They both take pride in their homes and prefer to have a smaller group of friends rather than a lot of acquaintances. There is a mutual admiration and respect for one another’s intellectual abilities as well. The practicality of the Capricorn suits well with Virgos perfectionism. There can be possible problems when it comes to sex, however both know and feel each other so well that these problems can easily be resolved through communication. This is definitely not the most passionate relationship due to their equally reserved nature, but this combination is usually a good basis for a strong union together.

Capricorn and Libra love compatibility
Capricorn feels a strong sexual attraction towards the Libra and in return, Libra is attracted to Capricorns strong drive for success. Libra’s lazy nature will eventually start to annoy the Capricorn however, who is used to working hard their whole life. In return, Libra is bored with Capricorns constant serious approach to life. The Capricorn also resents the Libra for constantly seeking to be in the centre of everyone’s attention. When it comes to sex, the Libra will have to work hard at distracting Capricorn long enough from their work for sexual relations to take place. A sign such as Libra will not be able to put up with this for too long before seeking love elsewhere. There is too big of a personal incompatibility for a successful marriage.

Capricorn and Scorpio love compatibility
Although this combination is slow to start due to the reserved nature of both signs, there is a very strong sexual connection between these two. Where the Scorpio is more imaginative in the bedroom, Capricorns stamina and endurance proves to be a perfect combination. Where other signs would usually be put off by the possessive nature of the Scorpio, Capricorn sees some security in this. The organized and patient Capricorn ties well with insightful and resourceful Scorpio. Although Capricorn usually likes to take the lead in relationships, for this combination to work, they will have to accept that the Scorpio is more inclined to dominate and must know that this is only because of the love felt by the Scorpio and his need to be in control. This is usually a very passionate combination which is likely to end in quite a successful marriage.

Capricorn and Sagittarius love compatibility
Unless Sagittarius is capable of clipping their wings a little, this is a match that is not recommended. Reserved Capricorn will oppose to Sagittarius’s desires to be intimate in all places at all times of the day and Sagittarius’s carefree and careless approach to life opposes the conservative and cautious Capricorn. This will usually make the Sagittarius quite irritated. Both parties will find their sex life quite frustrating if not more strongly felt by Sagittarius. This is not the best combination and marriage between the two is not advised.

Capricorn and Capricorn love compatibility
Capricorn approves of people like themselves so a high sense of respect and regard for one another is felt between these two. Both are cautious, reserved personalities who work hard and love to save money. The biggest problem here will be keeping things lively and new as they are both too alike in their values as well as the things that they do. Issues between the two tend to become too serious for too long and their equally stubborn nature may cause some alienation in the relationship. Capricorn needs a more carefree, light hearted sexual partner to keep his/her interest in bedroom affairs stirred up and with these two signs, there is not likely to be any kind of love life to speak of, as they will both be too mentally obsessed with working on their careers rather than on each other. This is not the best match and not very exciting marriage as a result.

Capricorn and Aquarius love compatibility
Both signs have a strong sense of self, but Aquarius wants to be free while Capricorn wants to dominate. These two signs will quickly come to realise that the relationship is based on a friendship more than anything else. The Capricorn finds it difficult to cope with the Aquarius sexually and Aquarius is too imaginative and free willed to be in love with practical Capricorn. Aquarius is constantly on the go and loves spending money and Capricorn finds this too frivolous trying to control his partner because of this. While the Aquarius Is happy to go through a number of jobs, searching for the right challenges, Capricorns’ need for financial security is so strong that this is likely to horrify them. There is not such a great connection between the two and a lot of efforts will have to be put in for a marriage to prevail.

Capricorn and Pisces love compatibility
Capricorn is able to cope with the typical Pisces wondering eye and is usually happy to take the lead in the bedroom resulting in a very content Pisces. The affectionate and sincerity nature of the Pisces brings joy to the Capricorn while in return Capricorn stabilises the drifting mind of the Pisces and supplies them with the stability they need. The Pisces admires the Capricorn for this and there’s nothing a Capricorn adores more then to be admired. This extremely different combination compliments each other emotionally quite well. They find comfort in one another providing the Capricorn is capable of occasionally displaying some form of affection towards their partner. This combination usually ends very well


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