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Your Scorpio Man

Warning: the Scorpio male is a strong-minded, intuitive, protective, jealous, and powerful lover. This man gives 100% to everything in their life, from his career to his love life. This is probably why you will find they take so long to fully commit to someone as once they love; they love fully and intensely….

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about how sexy and mysterious this sign is. This is probably what led you to this article to begin with…Yes this is a very very sexy man. Trust me; there are no complaints with this man between the sheets. Sex is very important to this sign, and it would be impossible for him to have a happy relationship without great sex. This is because the Scorpio sign represents the symbol of sex; they only know how to express their emotions sexually which is what makes intimacy such a big part of being with a Scorpio male. So if you are not a very sexual person, I wish you luck.

We cannot discuss the scorpion male without mentioning that stare. There is something about that hypnotic Scorpio stare that only a scorpion male gives that makes you weak at the knees. If he is staring at you then you’ve manage to catch his attention, (lucky girl). Once you have glanced into the piercing, hypnotic eyes of a Scorpio male, you will never again be totally neutral towards him.

When you think of a Scorpio male think passion!!! Everything he does is done with passion and that applies to love life too. This is why you might find your Scorpio male disappearing on you every now and then and this is simply because he needs to retreat and recharge his batteries as this man goes full force into everything he does. Don’t be worried if you don’t hear from him for a week at a time, this does not mean they have forgotten about you. Tip: the more you try and see your Scorpio during this stage, the more he is going to retreat to the point where you may even lose him for to seeing you: this will not work! During this phase it is important to be as understanding to your Scorpio male as possible. When I say this is a complicated sign I mean it, to the point where sometime the poor guy doesn’t even understand the feelings he has himself…

For a Scorpio male, mystery is all part of the game. They are intense and deeply interested in uncovering hidden answers about you. They want to know everything about your life but good luck trying to find out anything about theirs; it takes a long long time trying to uncover their secrets or getting them to open up, so have patience…

If this man has picked you, count yourself lucky as they do so very wisely. He picks his friend very selectively, so you can imagine how fussy this boy is in choosing a lover. … They love to do some detective work, so be wary about what you reveal to him. Even when you’re flirting with him and being yourself, you don’t have to reveal everything about yourself at one go as this will remove your sense of mystery he desires so much. Leave him guessing, and he’ll want to spend more time with you so he can figure you out…As the Scorpio slowly discovers more about you, he’ll grow to trust you, which can ultimately lead to that deep emotional bond you are seeking from him. If you do manage to get close to him, (bear in mind this could take years), you will be rewarded with a warm deeply caring man that will ensure you are never left cold again.

Of course, he can’t be perfect and has his own set of faults like any other zodiac. This man is prone to have a mean temper, don’t ever arouse it. A furious Scorpio man can give you lifetime-lasting scars, especially when he is hurt, he can turn into the coldest and most malicious man at the click of a finger.

This is also an intensely jealous man, so don’t ever try and spark his jealousy to get his attention, this will just make the situation worse. The Scorpio needs to know they can trust you fully before committing to you with constant reassurance that he is the only one on your mind. Deliberately flirting with other men in front of him is not going to add any bonus points in your favor.

In case you are scared of getting burnt, better put your jogging shoes on and run away. This is not a relationship you should take lightly and only strong women who are able to withstand the mood swings and the disappearing acts need only apply. Note: these men despise mind games so do yourself a favor and don’t EVER try this on them.

Now ladies, before considering getting into a relationship with your beloved Scorpio man, remember that this is an extremely complicated man to get into a long term relationship with. You have to be ready to work at it for a long time. This is not the type of guy that is going to be committing to you after a month of dating no matter how much of a connection you think you share. No no no, they need to trust you fully and know you inside and out before giving you any type of commitment. Don’t be discouraged though, they secretly crave love and just need to the right patient girl to give that to him…

Another thing you need to know before getting your Scorpio man to commit is ensuring that your reputation is spotless. He will never ever go for a girl who is ludicrous or shameless and acts like the town flirt after a couple drinks. He also hates gossip and drama and doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. He knows what he is and what others say or think will hardly make a difference. Forget strangers, even the opinion of his friends or relatives doesn’t matter. This is a guy that will marry you even if the entire world is against you, (a good trait).

This male hates hates hates self-pity so ladies, those waterworks do not work with this man. In fact it will make his withdraw even more (trust me I’ve tried). He also hates a jealous woman as this interprets to an insecure woman, although he is an extremely jealous man himself. This may seem conflicting but this is just the way they are, love it or leave it.

A Scorpio man will never display his emotions in public about the one he is attracted to. In fact, he may even make fun of you in front of others or even blatantly ignore you. Don’t be alarmed by this, behind closed doors you will never meet a more passionate lover so don’t let it get to you if this man walks straight past you as if you don’t exist in public, keeps a girl on her toes depending on how you see it…

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and once he has made up his mind that you are the one for him, he will charm you out of your senses. You will be hypnotized by his captivating and intense gaze and won’t get the time to escape. If you have the courage and patience, you will be rewarded with a passion as hot as molten lava. He will take you along with him and you will see the world like never before. Once you have come to understand this complicated man, he will become the most kind, considerate, loving and selfless man in this world, a husband most women only dream about. You know the type of guy you only see in Nicolas Sparks’ novels, yes that guy. Good luck girls!

Sagittarius Woman

Basic RGB
This woman is forever lacking tact and her in your face statements may lead the average man to run in the opposite direction. Having said that, she is easily capable of turning around with her equally charming nature and make you feel content again, ensnaring you into her easy charms. Once a man has fallen smitten with a Sagittarius woman, it is usually for a long time. She is a friendly, outspoken, and extremely talkative woman who usually brings more positivity into others’ lives then anything else.

This woman sees the world exactly how it is, no bullshit. There are times when you wish she wasn’t so honest but then that would make her like everyone else wouldn’t it? A Sagittarian is quite optimistic but not irrational. She will judges a situation according to facts, analyses the probable outcome while still choosing to believe that things will get better. This is usually a calm and composed woman however if you insult or offend her in anyway then the fire spitting dragon is sure to emerge.

These are quite independent women who love love love their freedom, don’t ever try and take this away from her. Although they are attached to their family, their family does not play as much of an important role as it would to say a Capricorn or Taurus female. This might be due to her carefree nature where she doesn’t like to be tied down to certain obligations. The only way to get something done with a Sagittarius female is to ask, NEVER order her around as she will refuse to do it just out of principle. With men, she sees herself as their better half and nothing less but doesn’t want a weak man for a partner either. This has to be a real man who will stand for his ego while still balancing politeness and firmness at the same time.

This may sound a little complicated to deliver but since when was wining easy? One good thing is that you will never have to guess with this girl. She says what’s on her mind and she acts in accordance to what she’s feeling at the time. This bluntness may cost her at times, even result in numerous failed relationships but she cannot be any other way.

The word ‘marriage’ tends to make a Sagittarian female quite nervous and she will need to be tempted into settling down with her man. This is a woman who is usually seen hanging with the boys rather than the girls so girlfriends are few and between. This also makes her quite a hard catch for men. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t burp or fart like a man, she is as much a lady as the other girl, but is generally more comfortable in the presence of guys rather than girls. Maybe her non bullshit attitude makes her unable to stand the drama that comes with women?

If you look deeply inside a Sagittarius female you will find an enthusiastic and trusting female. It is these two traits that tend to make this woman’s heart rather vulnerable and defenseless. She wears her heart on her sleeve resulting in a couple broken heartaches in her lifetime. Having said that, this woman is able to get back up on her two feet quicker than most. She hides it well, but this woman is quite sentimental and emotional inside. When it comes to expressing her feelings, she tends to become quite shy.

This girl cannot stand sloppiness and untidiness however doesn’t expect a master chef in the kitchen, (cooking is not one of her specialties). This girl usually uses sarcasm when angry so don’t be too offended or take it too personally as this will only confuse her later as to why you are angry with her.

Do not try change this woman or curb her individuality. Her optimism will brighten your life be it as a friend or partner, she is able to trust blindly, shower you with loyalty and devotion that should never be taken for granted. Not a lot of people are able to resist the charming Sagittarius female.

Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn and Aries love compatibility
This unlikely couple does not make such a hopeful combination. The Aries’ restless and impulsive personality opposes the self-righteous Capricorn. Money is another problem between these two. The modest spending habit of the Capricorn does not match well with Aries extravagant spending habits. Aries will take risks absent mindedly where the careful Capricorn would usually shudder at the thought. There are many personality conflicts between these two; the Capricorn typically likes to take lead which is likely to cause fiery arguments in the relationship as well as many other personality conflicts. Optimistic Aries will feel dampened by the naturally negative Capricorn attitude. When it comes to sex, Capricorn is more likely to prefer a standard position in the bedroom which the Aries can learn to overcome by taking initiative and control. If this duo does get together, strangely enough, a marriage is more likely to prevail rather than a fling.

Capricorn and Taurus love compatibility
Both partners have a mutual understanding of one another. They both like money and security so no money issues should prevail here. Taurus is able to get through the aloof Capricorn nature and give the encouragement and right response the Capricorn requires from their partner. They are both earthy and passionate by nature and sensual Taurus is able to bring out the romantic side of Capricorn that they keep so well hidden. Sex is quite an experience between these two, where every idea is explored without reserve. Taurus needs to be sensitive to Capricorns tension and should be able to discuss and communicate regularly with Capricorn in order to ease some of the burden felt on Capricorn. This combination is a very good match and can turn out to become quite a compatible marriage

Capricorn and Gemini love compatibility
These two both tend to have different sexual natures and their differences are probably what initially attracted the one to the other. Fun-loving Gemini tends to bring a sense of relief to the rather serious Capricorn. Overtime however, Gemini’s easy going and loving nature will oppose the dedicated and cautious Capricorn. Capricorn will have difficulty holding the reins on impulsive, playful, Gemini and will end up requiring a great deal of patience when dealing with what they view as their extravagant and careless partner. For a good sexual relationship to succeed between these two, Gemini will have to be able to distract Capricorns minds from their career as well as the problems that come along with it. There can be a very high initial sexual chemistry between these two, however the Gemini can grow to become bored of the Capricorn and this sexual connection will quickly die out more often then not.

Capricorn and Cancer love compatibility
This is usually said to be quite a good combination at the start but the Capricorn tends to not give Cancer enough attention that they so desperately need. The Capricorn is too preoccupied with other interest to fully dedicate themselves to their partner like the Cancer would like. They are both quite good at managing their money and so money issues will never be a major concern between these two. Cancer is satisfied with Capricorn’s loyalty and devotion to their partner, even when the passion seems to be lacking at times, as it is the stability and comfort that Cancers usually look for in relationships anyways. Having said that, there is no denying the strong sexual connection between these two where bedroom antics are not a problem, until Cancer grows bored of the practical and restrained Capricorn nature. This is not the best of matches in the Zodiacs, so a happily ever after ending, is quite uncommon.

Capricorn and Leo love compatibility
Ordered, organized Capricorn cannot understand or approve of Leo’s enthusiastic impulsiveness. Leo easily forgives and forgets where the Capricorn is usually one to not forget as easily. Although Leo acknowledges that the Capricorn is capable of loving whole heartedly, they find that the Capricorn is too conservative in showing their emotions. On top of that, the sexual compatibility between these two is quite bad. Passionate Capricorn finds the Leo a bad match because of their lack of imagination in the bedroom. These are also two very independent signs that are likely to want to dominate in all aspects of their everyday lives, which usually causes a clash in personality. This is two complete opposites whose initial differences can be overseen in a casual fling however, in the case of marriage; you’re looking at a most definite unhappy ending.

Capricorn and Virgo love compatibility
This combination is one of the best matches for the Capricorn. The neat and orderly nature of the Virgo goes well with the hardworking and self-disciplined Capricorn. They both take pride in their homes and prefer to have a smaller group of friends rather than a lot of acquaintances. There is a mutual admiration and respect for one another’s intellectual abilities as well. The practicality of the Capricorn suits well with Virgos perfectionism. There can be possible problems when it comes to sex, however both know and feel each other so well that these problems can easily be resolved through communication. This is definitely not the most passionate relationship due to their equally reserved nature, but this combination is usually a good basis for a strong union together.

Capricorn and Libra love compatibility
Capricorn feels a strong sexual attraction towards the Libra and in return, Libra is attracted to Capricorns strong drive for success. Libra’s lazy nature will eventually start to annoy the Capricorn however, who is used to working hard their whole life. In return, Libra is bored with Capricorns constant serious approach to life. The Capricorn also resents the Libra for constantly seeking to be in the centre of everyone’s attention. When it comes to sex, the Libra will have to work hard at distracting Capricorn long enough from their work for sexual relations to take place. A sign such as Libra will not be able to put up with this for too long before seeking love elsewhere. There is too big of a personal incompatibility for a successful marriage.

Capricorn and Scorpio love compatibility
Although this combination is slow to start due to the reserved nature of both signs, there is a very strong sexual connection between these two. Where the Scorpio is more imaginative in the bedroom, Capricorns stamina and endurance proves to be a perfect combination. Where other signs would usually be put off by the possessive nature of the Scorpio, Capricorn sees some security in this. The organized and patient Capricorn ties well with insightful and resourceful Scorpio. Although Capricorn usually likes to take the lead in relationships, for this combination to work, they will have to accept that the Scorpio is more inclined to dominate and must know that this is only because of the love felt by the Scorpio and his need to be in control. This is usually a very passionate combination which is likely to end in quite a successful marriage.

Capricorn and Sagittarius love compatibility
Unless Sagittarius is capable of clipping their wings a little, this is a match that is not recommended. Reserved Capricorn will oppose to Sagittarius’s desires to be intimate in all places at all times of the day and Sagittarius’s carefree and careless approach to life opposes the conservative and cautious Capricorn. This will usually make the Sagittarius quite irritated. Both parties will find their sex life quite frustrating if not more strongly felt by Sagittarius. This is not the best combination and marriage between the two is not advised.

Capricorn and Capricorn love compatibility
Capricorn approves of people like themselves so a high sense of respect and regard for one another is felt between these two. Both are cautious, reserved personalities who work hard and love to save money. The biggest problem here will be keeping things lively and new as they are both too alike in their values as well as the things that they do. Issues between the two tend to become too serious for too long and their equally stubborn nature may cause some alienation in the relationship. Capricorn needs a more carefree, light hearted sexual partner to keep his/her interest in bedroom affairs stirred up and with these two signs, there is not likely to be any kind of love life to speak of, as they will both be too mentally obsessed with working on their careers rather than on each other. This is not the best match and not very exciting marriage as a result.

Capricorn and Aquarius love compatibility
Both signs have a strong sense of self, but Aquarius wants to be free while Capricorn wants to dominate. These two signs will quickly come to realise that the relationship is based on a friendship more than anything else. The Capricorn finds it difficult to cope with the Aquarius sexually and Aquarius is too imaginative and free willed to be in love with practical Capricorn. Aquarius is constantly on the go and loves spending money and Capricorn finds this too frivolous trying to control his partner because of this. While the Aquarius Is happy to go through a number of jobs, searching for the right challenges, Capricorns’ need for financial security is so strong that this is likely to horrify them. There is not such a great connection between the two and a lot of efforts will have to be put in for a marriage to prevail.

Capricorn and Pisces love compatibility
Capricorn is able to cope with the typical Pisces wondering eye and is usually happy to take the lead in the bedroom resulting in a very content Pisces. The affectionate and sincerity nature of the Pisces brings joy to the Capricorn while in return Capricorn stabilises the drifting mind of the Pisces and supplies them with the stability they need. The Pisces admires the Capricorn for this and there’s nothing a Capricorn adores more then to be admired. This extremely different combination compliments each other emotionally quite well. They find comfort in one another providing the Capricorn is capable of occasionally displaying some form of affection towards their partner. This combination usually ends very well

Aries Compatibility

Aries and Aries love compatibility
Both are intent on dominating the relationship in this love match. A lot of passion between the two, however the conflict of who is willing to step down and take the smaller role, causes major problems in this combination. Surprisingly, it is the woman who is more likely to dominate in the bedroom here. But the Aries man will soon grow tired of taking the subordinate role which will cause problems over time. Because they are both dead set on wanting to be the leader, this will tend to create a lot of quarrelling in the relationship. This could result in a lot of problems in the bedroom as well. While this is most definitely NOT the best match around, it can work if both partners are willing to love each other and sacrifice some of their ego.

Aries and Taurus love compatibility
While these two are both highly sensual, Aries may become annoyed with Taurus’s slow pace in the bedroom and his lack of imagination. Aries is a fun seeking individual and will grow bored with Taurus who tends to lack spontaneity. While Taurus is good at making money, Aries is even better at spending it which may cause conflict between the two in the long run. This can be quite a difficult combination, but if they are capable of hanging on long enough, Aries will grow to appreciate Taurus’s steadiness and dependability. If Taurus is willing to let Aries take the lead, highly sensual pleasures can prevail between the two. This is usually not a long lasting relationship.

Aries and Gemini love compatibility
This is usually a very good match as both Aries and Gemini are tireless, active and always motivated to search for new knowledge. The Aries’ usual tendency to dominate is limited by the cunning Gemini Twins. Gemini does not have usual sexual prejudices, but his energy is in constant search of other ways of satisfaction which will entice Aries. Gemini may seek extra stimulation, but is discreet about it. Both minds mesh well; Aries is dynamic and intelligent, Gemini is versatile and ingenious. Aries is likely to be the leader sexually, and Gemini delights in thinking up variations to keep Aires’s interest at a peak. This can turn out to become quite a successful marriage.

Aries and Cancer love compatibility
This combination is usually hard to match. There is a very powerful sexual attraction here at the beginning. The problem however is that the sexual attraction quickly fades once facing the temperamental differences between the two. While Aries leaps without thinking of the consequences, Cancer is a cautious individual. Cancer loves to be at home while Aries hates being tied down. This will result in resentment between the two which leads to a growing distance in sexual compatibility overtime. This is quite a rocky relationship and certainly not marriage potential.

Aries and Leo love compatibility
This is quite a fiery match to say the least. Both Aries and Leo tend to have aggressive personalities by nature. They both have big egos and are inclined to want to lead in the relationship. The aggressive Aries does not like taking second place and the Leo, (king of his pride) craves constant admiration from his partner. This is particularly true when Aries allows Leo the occasional limelight but having said that, Leo does like to share this attention occasionally and it works as Aries needs this attention every now and then. Aries has to occasionally compliment Leo on their physical aspects for this relationship to work as Leo needs constant approval from his partner. These two are very alike sexually and this is one of the major factors responsible for keeping this relationship alive. If they can each be loving and tactful towards each other, a long and steady relationship can prevail between these two.

Aries and Virgo love compatibility
The fearful Aries nature is what will have intrigued shy Virgo to begin with. There is however, a major difference in sexuality between the two and a lot of patience will be needed in order for this to work. Aires sexual passion is direct and impulsive compared to the slow revealing enigmatic approach from the Virgo. In other areas, Aries is full of excitement and new ideas and loves to be boss in comparison to the Virgos critical and fussy nature who always needs things done his way. This relationship could work with a lot of effort from both sides. Chances of a successful marriage: 50/50…

Aries and Libra love compatibility
There is a very powerful initial attraction between these two opposites, and in certain aspects, both supplies the other with what the other lacks. These two are both fond of sexual pleasure however Aries does tend to take it too far too quick for the Libra. Later in the relationship, Libra will start to look for someone less demanding while Aries will need someone more devoted and caring in the relationship. Physical connection is very likely between these two but only temporarily. This is rarely a relationship that ends in marriage.

Aries and Scorpio love compatibility
The sex between the two can turn out both ways, either extremely stimulating or completely hopeless. These can turn out either way due to the fact that although both are inclined to act on their feelings, they are both independent by nature and hate to be controlled. Long term disagreements may prohibit the two from sharing their passion with each other because of this due to their stubborn nature. This is usually an unstable combination with a low starting point.

Aries and Sagittarius love compatibility
This match can prove to be extremely successful. Sagittarius holds the perfect temperamental attitude for fun loving Aries. These two are both active, spontaneous people who love to socialise and tend to have a lot in common. The Aries’ optimism and sense of humour helps overcome the argumentative side of the Sagittarius and can even bring some much needed humour into the bedroom. This tends to create a favourable relationship between the two and is likely to be quite a successful relationship. Basically, if sparks fly in the bedroom, they can make it everywhere else.

Aries and Capricorn love compatibility
These two unlikely couple do not make such a hopeful combination. The Aries’ restless and impulsive personality opposes the self-righteous Capricorn. Money is another problem between these two. The modest spending habit of the Capricorn does not match well with Aries extravagant spending habits. Aries will take risks absent mindedly where the careful Capricorn would usually shudder at the thought. There are many personality conflicts between these two; the Capricorn typically likes to take lead which is likely to cause fiery arguments in the relationship as well as many other personality conflicts. Optimistic Aries will feel dampened by the naturally negative Capricorn attitude. When it comes to sex, Capricorn is more likely to prefer a standard position in the bedroom which the Aries can learn to overcome by taking initiative and control. If this duo does get together, strangely enough, a marriage is more likely to prevail rather than a fling.

Aries and Aquarius love compatibility
This is quite a stormy combination with a lot of emotions involved. Aries is more likely to be dominating in this relationship as the Aquarius is more passive by nature. If the two are carefully tactful and understanding of one another, this love affair could ultimately turn into something quite special although Aries must learn to be extremely considerate when dealing with emotional dreamer Aquarius. The Aquarian is a jealous lover, they tend to put a back seat on their love life and are therefore not as sexually active as the Aries would like. This leads the Aries to view his partner as a selfish lover. However, there is an unusual strong connection between these two where marriage can work, depending on how strong the love is between the two.

Aries and Pisces love compatibility
Fire and water typically don’t mix too well which is why this combination can tend to be rather complicated. Aries is self-assured and vibrant in comparison to the reserved and easily led Pisces. It is not all bad however, where Aries likes to have the dominant role, Pisces prefers to have someone to lean on which makes these two depend on one another in this aspect. Aries is intrigued by the Pisces sexual behaviour and the active participation of the Aries helps Pisces overcome her shyness where Pisces sexual fantasies can be revealed causing major excitement for Aries. If these two can overcome their differences, then this is quite likely to end in a successful marriage.

Aries and Capricorn love compatibility
These two unlikely couple do not make such a hopeful combination. The Aries’ restless and impulsive personality opposes the self-righteous Capricorn. Money is another problem between these two. The modest spending habit of the Capricorn does not match well with Aries extravagant spending habits. Aries will take risks absent mindedly where the careful Capricorn would usually shudder at the thought. There are many personality conflicts between these two; the Capricorn typically likes to take lead which is likely to cause fiery arguments in the relationship as well as many other personality conflicts. Optimistic Aries will feel dampened by the naturally negative Capricorn attitude. When it comes to sex, Capricorn is more likely to prefer a standard position in the bedroom which the Aries can learn to overcome by taking initiative and control. If this duo does get together, strangely enough, a marriage is more likely to prevail rather than a fling.

Seducing The Virgo Man

Take a shower. Yes, I’m serious. The first thing you need to know when attempting to seduce a Virgo man is his need for order, cleanliness and purity. These men teased to be a little bit OCD, so if you want this man to remotely consider touching your body, treat it like a temple and make absolutely sure you are clean from head to toe.

The Virgo man is fearful of the unknown. You’ll only be able to seduce him once he believes you will not be full of surprises, he is happy in his comfort zone and surprising him will only make him withdraw. Let him know what to expect and be sure you deliver nothing less. Although this man may put up a cool front, don’t let him fool you. He has deep and sensual needs. If you have the right amount of patience and can tolerate his annoying habits of overanalysing EVERYTHING, he will eventually warm up.

Now be warned; It takes a bit of work to seduce a Virgo man. Remember this IS the Bachelor of the Zodiacs so this is not a man who is going to be jumping at the opportunity of jumping in your bed. (Well not as much as other men anyways). Roll up your sleeves and show him you’re willing to put work into him and this is most likely to get him turned on. This is not going to be a night of passion ladies, rather a practical and enjoyable night where you might be likely to put some work in. He is not passionate by nature so more often than not; don’t expect fireworks and a night of multiple orgasms. Also, don’t be insulted if he then proceeds to jump in the shower or even change the sheets as soon as the deed is done. No, it is not because he finds you dirty, this is just a man who has an unnatural obsession with constant cleanliness.

Virgo’s Favourite position:

Face to Face is just perfect for the somewhat conservative Virgo. Both partners kneel on a bed, facing each other. It’s the “erect” version of the classic Missionary position, but promises more intimacy which is what they desire the most.

Weird fetishes:
Virgos are in their element in situations of sub missal. So ladies make a trip to that special store and surprise him with some handcuffs, latex gloves, masks…..use that wild imaginations of yours…he will NOT be disappointed.

The Taurus Woman

taurus woman<a Do you remember those high school friends that used to say Best Friend Forever before leaving for your University adventures…? Chances are, ten years down the line, those friends from high school who are still your BFF will be a Taurus women. The bull is constant and loyal and takes friendship very seriously. In return, all she asks is that you remain as true to the herd as she is to you and all will be well. Taurus women typically don't need massive amount of friends, as quality over quantity is her motto, and this extends to most areas of her life, not only friendships.
It is not likely you will find this girl wallowing in the mud, as the Taurus woman is in reality a little bit of a label snob. As mentioned before this is a girl who prefers quality over quantity and the same applies for her shopping habits. You are unlikely to find this girl looking anything but perfect; she prides herself in her appearance.
Although typically known to have quite a bad temper, you will not see this side of her too often unless provoked enough. She is very good at hiding her emotions and the same goes for temper. Know then that when she DOES eventually blow up, you are likely to have messed up quite bad.

The Taurus woman is not typically feminist perse. She is happy to have her man lead the reins and has no desire to dominate the relationship in any way, This woman requires a real man as she can be quite status orientated when it comes to men therefore needs to be on the arm of someone she is proud of as much as she is proud of herself. Despite being happy to have the male dominate in the relationship, if it comes to the point where he has failed in any way, she is happy to take over control until the issues are under control.

This is an independent woman with a mind of her own, she isn’t the nagging whining type and neither is she confrontational. In fact most Taurus woman HATES confrontation and will avoid it as much as possible. This is a good thing if you get on her bad side, but can be quite frustrating as a friend as more often than not, she is happier to ignore inevitable issues in a friendship all in the hopes of avoiding a fight. When befriending a Taurus woman, you will find out soon enough that this woman does not see the importance of social status. Her only desire is to befriend ‘real” genuine people that do not bullshit, as these women typically like to lead drama free life. This is why you will hardly see a Taurus female fighting with someone she dislikes. Her approach is to simply ignore your existence completely. Basically, if you suddenly see her walk past you without even blinking an eye, you know you’ve most likely pissed this girl off in some way.

This bull definitely possesses a little jealous streak if provoked, be it with her friends or new love interest. Best not tempt with provoking her anger if you don’t have to. It doesn’t come out often, but when it does you will be sorry you had to witness it.

This is a woman of taste so MEN: be very weary when taking this girl out. She wants to be wined and dined at only the best of the best. She is a girl that likes to be surrounded by beautiful things and can appreciate art of many forms.

As a friend, one thing that you MUST know about Taurus woman is their indisputable stubborn nature. They’re NOT called the Bull for no reason! Once this woman has something set in her mind, chances are very small you will be able to sway her mind otherwise, so don’t even bother wasting your time. This is because this is a very practical woman in her thinking and when she chooses to believe something, nobody will be able to make her think otherwise.

Your Gemini Man

This is the Ladies’ Man of Zodiac signs so it’s no surprise you’ve found yourself on the Gemini man post. He is the charmer, the man who always knows what to say and will almost effortlessly be able to smooth talk his way into your pants…

If you are one of those women who need constant reassurance by your man friend, then don’t even think of getting close to a Gemini man. There’s no doubt this man will always be there for you but that doesn’t necessarily mean with you.

This man is easily bored which makes him restless and fidgety; so don’t expect him to be at the same place for too long. If you want to get serious with a Gemini man, prepare yourself to accept his impatience. Once you have done this, you will be treated to the company of two, at times three-four different personalities, (they’re not called the twins of the Zodiac for no reason.)

A Gemini man is friendly, has a deep sense of love for people and can adapt himself to get along with almost anyone. He can talk on any topic under the sun, is an excellent conversationalist and is witty by nature. This is the man who is more often than not the life of the party.

You are likely to get spoilt often by this Gemini man, bringing you flowers, candies and cards for no special reason and without warning you’re facing your worst critic the very next day. This is a man who changes his moods like he does his underwear so be prepared for a stimulating rollercoaster ride.

If you are in love with a Gemini guy, forget terms like stability, security and consistency. If you are a sensitive girl, I suggest you move away now. However, if you can appreciate his quirkiness without complaining, you are in for a life full of surprises.

A Gemini man must have his distance, closeness can make him nervous, so try avoiding being too clingy as this will only push him away. This is a man who is in need of constant change so try not fall under a routine with him as he will leave you quicker than you can say Zodiac. Basically, the best way to kill the flame between both of you is to bring monotony and boredom into your relationship. He WILL run away. He loves, in fact needs change. Just be as curious and as interested in life and its different aspects as he is.

The Gemini man also needs a woman he can bond with mentally. He won’t mind if you defeat him at his mind games every now and then, in fact he will be thrilled at getting an intelligent partner-cum-competitor. This is not an egoist man and he will be happy for you to express your intelligence as a woman and will only respect you more for doing so.

A woman with brains turns him on. Gemini’s tend to move through friends regularly, usually apart of many social groups rather than a single group of friends like other Zodiacs. This is because their personality changes so frequently that people find it difficult to keep up with them. They love to be around people and loneliness deeply bothers them.

You’re in luck with the Gemini man ladies, as this is a man who loves to share. Be it his, knowledge, happiness and almost everything. This is not a stingy man; in fact he gains happiness when giving to others.

The Gemini man is too idealistic to indulge in adultery so despite his flirting mannerisms, loyalty is something you will not have to worry about. Even though he may throw admiring glances at the hot girl on the beach in a thong bikini, you do not need to doubt him. In fact this may trigger him to do something he didn’t even think of doing before.

A Gemini guy loves an audience, whether it comprises of males or females. However, it will never go beyond that, unless of course you doubt him. Just like he has male friends, he will have female friends too. It is better if you make them your friends too. Don’t try to bind Gemini men too much. LET them have their independence and freedom. In return, they will do the same for you.

A Gemini male is not prone to jealousy and does not have a possessive nature. He will trust you as much as he expects you to trust him. He may occasionally lack passion, but he is always full of romance.

This is one relationship ladies that will not be boring.

The Capricorn Female

cappyIt’s difficult to explain a Capricorn female exactly. This is a girl who looks for security, authority, respect and position. How she accomplishes these goals however, is an entire different matter. She seeks recognition and it doesn’t matter how she gets it.

The Capricorn female lives her life like the goat, it doesn’t matter how low the position she starts in is or how slowly she has to walk, as long as she reaches the top eventually. Her aims and ambitions however will NEVER come before her family. She can enjoy the role of a wife or a mother as much as that of the CEO of the biggest MNC, but will always needs to be treated with equivalent respect and security.

These Capricorn females are elegant, modest and conventional looking. Though she always composes herself in a calm and balanced manner, don’t think she doesn’t have mood swings. She is prone to depression if she thinks that someone has misjudged or ill-treated her where she is capable of brooding for months at a time. Her aloof and cold exterior makes her slightly less approachable, but this is only because the Capricorn female does not easily let people in. She hides her insecurities very well and the fear of being ridiculed or laughed at is constantly on her mind, hence her obsession to succeed and gain the authority and respect she craves.

NEVER tease a Capricorn lady as she is most likely to take it seriously. Though she pretends otherwise, she craves as much compliments as the next girl does if not more. Show her that you appreciate her and make her feel secure. It will help her in opening up and revealing her well hidden emotions and passion.

A Capricorn girl is very realistic in her thinking. She sees only those dreams that can be converted into reality. She enters a boat only when she knows that the waters are safe.

There will always be something fresh about the beauty of the Capricorn female, they say the older she gets the more attractive she becomes. She will always seem to be extremely confident but inside is almost always unsure about her appearance. This woman needs constant reassurance.

The family is a very big part of the Capricorn life. Remember when you marry a Capricorn woman; you marry her family and relatives too. If ever you criticize her family members, better ensure that the criticism is constructive or she will never forgive you. Her love for you will never prevent her from taking care of her family. But at the same time, she will be equally considerate towards your family too and give them the same respect as her own.

Her cold exterior makes even the bravest of men hesitate in approaching her. When those walls are let down however, the Capricorn woman will be the most loving, nurturing and loyal partner out of all zodiacs. She is content in her comfort zone and at times, this keeps her from leaving an unhappy relationship because she does not like to test new waters. Once you have her heart however, it is usually for a long time.